How was Silver Used for Water Purification?

Ancient Romans were known for building complex aqueducts that provided water for their people. With water coming from various water sources, it is […]

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Enrich Products Ionization Water Treatment System Electrode Cells

Out with the Old, In with EPI’s Water Treatment System

Enrich Products Inc. (EPI) is known amongst the Legionella water treatment companies as a technology innovator. We pride ourselves on the quality of […]

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woman drinking clean water free of legionella

What Are My Options for Legionella Remediation?

When you send out your water samples to get tested, the last thing you want is to receive a positive Legionella test result. […]

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How Legionnaires’ Disease is Spread

Many people have heard of Legionnaires’ disease, but not everyone is aware of how it affects the human body and how prevalent it […]

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water faucet with water treatment technology

The Latest in Water Treatment Technology

Enrich Products Ionization Launches New Products with Full Water System Remote Monitoring Enrich Products Ionization (EPI) has launched its newest Ion Generator controller […]

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Copper for Nosocomial Prevention

Copper is a potent anti-microbial agent in water – which is why it is so effective in copper silver systems to control Legionella. […]

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About Enrich Products, Inc

Since 1997, Enrich Products has been providing healthcare, hospitality, and other communities with Copper-Silver Ionization for the control of Legionella in potable water systems. EPI equipment is proudly manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA and distributed throughout North America.


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