The EPI System


Why is Water Treatment Systems Important for Your Facility?

Legionnaires’ disease is the most dangerous waterborne disease in the United States. Treating the water in your facility is critical. Enrich Products, Inc. (EPI) delivers a safer, simpler, and more effective Legionella control solution anywhere in the United States within 24 to 48 hours.


The EPI system is compatible with any water system and provides Legionella control with the lowest human toxicity rating compared to other water treatment solutions. With our unparalleled technical support and on-site and remote service options, EPI will help you effectively manage water quality and risk.

EPI Systems are validated and registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered and NSF certified. Our water treatment systems are compliant with the most rigorous state regulations as an effective short and long-term water treatment for Legionella remediation.

Why use an Enrich Products Ionization System?

Every EPI System comes with an easy-to-use touchscreen controller that provides continuous protection using local and remote monitoring of crucial settings and alarms. The EPI-exclusive water treatment technology Copper-Silver Monitor (CSM) tests the treated water system daily for copper and silver levels to ensure improved efficiency, accuracy, and control.


EPI offers safe water treatment for the operator, people in contact with the treated water, and most pipe types in your plumbing systems.


EPI system and equipment are simple to install. Routine maintenance takes less than an hour every month. System monitoring is supported by EPI’s exclusive CSM and regular lab testing.


EPI systems can achieve proper copper and silver ions for Legionella control throughout a plumbing system within 24 hours.


EPI solves Legionella problems with decades of experience with Copper-SIlver Ionization and advanced water treatment technology.

EPI System's Ion Generator controller

ion generator controller

The controller is the information hub with local and remote monitoring capabilities and easy-to-use touchscreen controls. It displays the treatment system status and delivers precise current to the electrode cells.

  • Easy-to-use HMI touchscreen
  • Key operated to prevent tampering
  • The software can be updated remotely
  • Detects major plumbing issues

Electrode Cell

All EPI systems come with durable, high-quality, custom-machined, and powder-coated Electrode Cells.

  • Solid core aluminum body with no welds
  • Flanged with male NPT threads for strong pipe connections
  • Long-lasting electrodes, each cell guaranteed for a year

INTERNET MONITORing system (epims)

An information flow and response tool that enables the end-users and EPI to view data and make adjustments remotely.

  • Custom-manufactured with improved security features
  • Remote changes made in seconds and documented on the web interface
  • Cellular, Wi-Fi or wired connections are available
  • View and graph all relevant parameters
  • Logs over 50,000 data points daily
EPI Water Treatment System Component, the Digital Flowmeter


Measures and communicates real-time flow and temperature data to the Ion Generator controller.

  • Ultrasonic
  • Installed and calibrated by EPI staff
  • Ensures accurate treatment dosage
Enrich Products Ionization exclusive technology Copper-Silver Monitor


Copper-Silver Monitor is EPI’s latest water treatment technology, developed in partnership with HF Scientific. It provides automated daily copper-silver monitoring that allows real-time adjustments to maintain full Legionella control.

  • Daily reporting reduces the number of manual site testings and lab sample testings 
  • Improves adjustment response time and corrective actions
  • Increases control and efficacy of any Copper-Silver Ionization system
  • Exclusively available through EPI

EPI provides

Clear pricing

24/7 phone support

Free initial commissioning and training

Flexible service agreements

Free site surveys

Solely focused on copper-silver ionization

Friendly and professional field technicians

Trained in plumbing diagnostics

Schedules all on-site visits in advance

Customizable options for Your Facility


EPI System on a Portable Unit


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