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Out with the Old, In with EPI’s Water Treatment System

Enrich Products Ionization Water Treatment System Electrode Cells

Enrich Products Inc. (EPI) is known amongst the Legionella water treatment companies as a technology innovator. We pride ourselves on the quality of our water treatment system. One of the most exciting things for us is to help improve Legionella control by upgrading our clients’ older models to our modern water treatment equipment.

Our experienced technicians recently completed a full system replacement at one of our client’s facilities. This project reminded us to talk about the importance of upgrading your system.

Why is it Important to Upgrade your Water Treatment System?

EPI water treatment system

Technology for all purposes has advanced rapidly in recent years; water treatment technology is no exception. Newer water treatment systems are developed to better control water quality with practical features simplifying the water management process and maintenance. 

Just like an old computer becomes slow and inefficient, your old water treatment system and equipment will need to be replaced with a safer, simpler, and more effective model as time passes. We are confident in providing useful advice and the best experience before, during, and after installing our newest water treatment model. We have also helped clients seamlessly transition into EPI’s water treatment system from other brands. 

EPI’s Approach to Replacing Water Treatment Systems

Starting EPI water treatment system installation
Starting customized EPI system installation

Replacing older equipment can be a long process. Working with our client’s schedule and staff capacity, we often replace one water treatment system at a time as our clients get the next area ready. 

Going on-site gives us a complete picture of where to connect digital flowmeters and an opportunity to optimize the EPI water treatment system by checking valves, pumps, and temperatures. We provided a free site survey to size and chose the right water treatment equipment for our client’s facility. During the on-site survey, we also decide where to place the Copper-Silver Ionization system, which enables simple, safe, and effective Legionella control throughout the water system.

One of our recent replacement projects was a client wanting to replace a competitor’s equipment with EPI’s newest water treatment system. They wanted to replace an outdated controller and electrode cell with plastic bodies. 

We didn’t have to identify the system’s location for this client as the placement of the existing equipment already determined it. EPI’s technician first removed the old electrode cells then made space for our new equipment and water treatment system while utilizing as much of the old unistrut framing as possible. 

We added two additional electrode cells to the new system, which required building new supports on the unistrut, new piping, and new isolation valves. The addition of isolation valves makes working on the electrode cells and checking their status easier. It also allows our client to turn off the water and drain the cell before pulling it out of the plumbing system whenever they do maintenance, repair, or replacement. 

System Replacement Results

Finished customized EPI water treatment system installation
Finished customized EPI system installation

We uninstalled their old systems and replaced them with EPI systems.  Our client now has improved water treatment efficiency, better oversight of their plumbing system, and improved internet monitoring and control. 

Outfitted with EPI’s sleek modern equipment, we are sure this client can pass a water risk assessment with flying colors, improve the water management process, and is all set to control Legionella in their water system for years to come. 

Want to improve your facilities’ water quality and replace your current water treatment system? Contact the experts at EPI for a free site assessment. We’ll share the importance of choosing an affordable, safe, and simple water treatment for Legionella prevention.