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The Latest in Water Treatment Technology

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Enrich Products Ionization Launches New Products with Full Water System Remote Monitoring

Enrich Products Ionization (EPI) has launched its newest Ion Generator controller to help facilities effectively and proactively fight legionella in their water. EPI’s Ion Generator controller is set up with local and remote monitoring of crucial settings and alarms. The system adheres to unique state rules and regulations and can immediately communicate real-time data and alert flow and temperature issues as they occur. The Ion Generator controller also comes with a state-of-the-art HMI touch screen, allowing easy user experiences and customized control settings.

EPI’s Copper-Silver Ionization system provides 24/7 monitoring on the whole plumbing system. Continuous water flow throughout the building is essential for effective legionella control. Therefore, it is crucial to have full awareness of the condition and risks in the plumbing system. With the Ion Generator controller providing around-the-clock monitoring, EPI ensures its Legionella solution is not compromised by plumbing issues. The new Ion Generator controller is now installed with every EPI system; upgrades to EPI systems installed before this new controller are available now.

The Ion Generator accompanies another new water treatment technology update — Copper-Silver Monitor (CSM). CSM was developed in partnership with HF scientific, a Watts brand, to measure, monitor, and report daily on the concentration of copper and silver in the water distribution system. The CSM communicates directly with the ionization system so that adjustments can be made quickly and correctly, resulting in cleaner and safer water.

These technologies are exclusively available through EPI.

“For nearly 20 years, our goal has been to deliver the safest and most effective control for Legionella.”

Neil silverberg, president and founder of epi systems

Since 1997, EPI has been providing Healthcare and other communities with Copper-Silver Ionization for the control of Legionella Pneumophila bacteria in potable water systems. EPI equipment is proudly manufactured in Pittsburgh, PA and distributed throughout North America.

For more information on Copper Silver Ionization technology, please contact EPI at 1.800.369.7662 by phone, or by emailing [email protected]